Weight Watchers App Reviews

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The worst APP I have ever used. In the three months I've had it it works about 10 percent of the time at best. Customer service appalling. I live weightwatchers and am so disappointed. It's unusable with my iPhone so I have to try to find something else.

New Update Ruined Connect!

So I having been having major problems posting on Connect since this new update came out at the beginning of the month. My posts are either deleted after about a minute or never show up on the feed. The only place that I can see them is "my profile". MAJOR BUG! Please fix ASAP!

Love it

Great app, love the Connect feature. Only con is that it wont synch it MyFitness Pal.

I love it!

And allows me to track all the food and scan the ones that arent in the system. Plus it syncs with my fit bit charge HR. I am going to join meetings in the fall though to supplement online.


A bit of trouble at the beginning of August but seems to be resolved for log in. Love the app. Not sure why a number of foods have a "0" points count because of missing info.


Very helpful!

Good app

I find the app easy to use and am enjoying it

Database Errors and Cleanup.

The app has served me well by letting me track before and after eating. I am not impressed with the current food database. Defaults on some foods are outrageous. Who eats one cup of butter for 81 points? Used for recipes maybe, but not a default. One food can have 2 or 3 different points, and the scanner incorrect as well. I used the food label for accuracy (I hope). When adding a new food having the ability to chose values other than (one serving) would be helpful. I am very serious about being as accurate as possible in tracking. Most of my food is all weighed and tracked. I dont know what I would do if I had to go back to pen, paper and manual calculator. Keep improving please. Loyal Tracker.

Scan feature is wonderful

Use the scan feature a lot. This saves a lot of time when recording what Im going to eat or when out shopping deciding whether to purchase a particular food or not and it literally takes 2 seconds. Also like that I can be on my computer entering food and jump to my phone to scan the food and it will automatically show up on line.

Weight Watchers App

I absolutely love this app!

Love/hate relationship with the ap

I love love love the weight watchers ap. Easiest ever to track. There are two glitches that need to be fixed though. One is that it keeps logging me out every time I lock my phone and two is when I enter recipes 1/2 cup always defaults to 5/8 cup. Thanks

Will not accept login

Actually 0* as App will no longer accept my login after last update. Aug 2016 Please fix!

Easy to use

I love the WW app, its so easy to use.

Luv the app!

I love the new version but I cant get the message number to go off after I delete the journey messages (forever says 5), also I am at goal but it always tells me to try harder this week if I dont lose weight (which I dont want to lose) and if I enter a sp food, and want to correct it, I have to delete it and reenter and I just want to be able to correct. Tx for always updating.

Weight Watchers Mobile

Love the barcode scanner!

Love it!

Easy to use. Awesome.

WW Mobile

Great App: five stars

Love This App!

I find this app to be easy to navigate and I love the scanning feature for packages!! It makes it so much easier to track food AND activities, plus I love it auto-syncs with my Fitbit!!

Please fix your app!!

I complained about an issue with notifications not clearing in the mobile app after all messages have been read. When I talked to one of your agents I was told it was a known problem but your new update hasnt fixed it. Please fix your app. Its so buggy!

Love it.

I love the app. Its a great compliment to the overall program. The connect feature is the best!

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